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I am the Lord of Ten Thousand Lights?

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Saved by an Angel at age 6. 11 Replies

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Channel 4 documentary looking for people who’ve had NDEs 1 Reply

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Excerpt from my writings/testimony on heavely matters. 13 Replies

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Books by Sandy (Admin of NDE-Space)

Books by Sandy Briggs may be purchased at Barnes & Noble or Amazon.com

Overview - A God Experience In the Light

In her incredible life journey, Sandy discovers new insights about life and the afterlife through empirical spiritual experiences. As the author diligently searches for truth, she experiences a series of spiritual awakenings.  She unravels the misunderstandings about religion which have lead humankind to fight instead of finding the bonds which unite us in unity.  Meeting God in the Light and receiving information through divine communication opened her eyes to a new perspective of life itself. She was given a glimpse into life in the spirit world that she had never conceived in the past and shares them with the hope that her discoveries will help all people to better understand our connection with the spirit and to know that we are all loved by God.

This book is intended on taking the reader on an inspiring journey to discover the spiritual realm through her transformational experiences of God.  You will follow through her journey as she uncovers scripture with a whole new meaning as the words come alive through her life. She is transformed from a broken spirit and rises up like a phoenix and born again with a renewed spirit.  You will discover that we were alive in the spirit before ever being born and that each of us have a purpose and mission. 

A God Experience in the Light may be purchased at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com

Overview - Merging with Socrates and Prebirth Memories

Sandy grew up in an average middle-class family but kept a secret within her since birth.  She was born with residual memories of a forgotten identity.  She couldn't make sense of those memories until she had a spiritual awakening in August of 2000.  Sandy broke through a veil of amnesia which brought back memories of her spiritual home before she entered life on earth.  The key to this reconnection opened while reading Plato:  The Last Days of Socrates.

She remembered a message that she was sent to deliver to the world.  This message could help clear-up some misconceptions which have prevented humankind from discovering our spiritual identity and purpose.

The purpose of this book is to share the insights that Sandy discovered to help improve human lives. Our lives can be transformed into a more peace-loving and humane existence.

Merging with Socrates and Prebirth Memories may be purchased at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com

Overview - Shine The Light, Lessons from the Holy Spirit to Heal the Nations

Shine The Light is a personal testimony of the visions and revelations which the author received from the divine Holy Spirit. Its intent is to help unify humankind with a better understanding of God’s will and purpose for Creation. In a world of diverse views as complex as our beliefs have become, a universal message was needed which encompasses everyone since God wishes to help all people to come together in harmony.

God has given us free will and left us to explore life through our own choices so that we would learn from our life experiences. Peace and love has always been the hope to fill our lives. By our own choice of turning away from perfection, humankind has brought disaster and calamities upon our world because we reap what we sow in corruption and in perfection. God has never ceased to embrace us with open arms should we choose to find our our way back. 

The author shares what the Holy Spirit wanted to express to her to share with the world. Any warning given is never intended to harm any person or group of people. Any references to the errors of humankind were told in the spirit of truth from the visions and with sincerity to help people to see their mistakes, not to shame, but to bring people to reason and to help heal society. Knowledge helps us to overcome our ignorance and to recognize our deeds done in darkness when we didn’t know any better.

If humankind would accept the truth of these testimonies, we can begin the process, together with the help of God, to restore a universal harmony and peace to our world. If we continue to ignore divine warnings, then the human race will plummet into deeper darkness and suffer even more in our iniquity. The author’s sincere hope is that we will choose to heed the message from the divine light which will uplift humanity to a higher state of spiritual maturity so that we will all reap the benefits of an enlightened world.



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Welcome to NDE-Space!  Did you have a Near Death Experience? We would love to hear about it! Our goal at NDE-Space is to recreate and share that gift of love and peace we so blessedly received. We believe we are each a peace of a bigger puzzle and only united will we see the bigger picture. . We welcome and encourage all people of all backgrounds, nationalities, countries, and religions to read and participate on the web site. This site was started by Glauco Schaffer. Glauco had a Near Life Experience at age 8 along with his 2 brothers Marco and Carlon Schaffer due to a drowning. Anyone can join us!  It's a blessing to know we never die! We must persevere / suicide is no answer: Only God decides when a person has matured for eternity.

Nearly ten thousand people die everyday in the United States, the majority of this deaths occurring in urban environments. As such, a resident of a metropolis might encounter up to 1.7 people per day who will be deceased by day's end. -North American Statistics Institute. On everage, they are 774 Near Death Experiences (NDEs) per day in the US, during which a person is prenounced dead and encounters a blinding, white light before being resuscitated.-National Center for Mortality Studies.

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